Time for a Cool Change

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Wow, eight years since my one and only post.  There are a few reasons I’ve refrained from posting.  Most of that is because my husband chases me all over the Internet checking out websites I frequent, making sure what I … Continue reading

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In the Beginning

I frankly don’t care what people think about my blog posts.  They are more for me than for anyone else.  If I cared what people thought, I’d go post over on Facebook, but unfortunately there are times when I need to bitch about people on my Facebook friends list.  I need a place to put up my thoughts away from prying eyes.  Call it releasing my angst if you want.  This is, after all, about me!

I kept a diary for several years, starting at the age of 12.  Pretty weird to go back and read your thoughts when you were a kid.  I was a self centered jerk, but then what kid isn’t?  We grow up, we change, and hopefully for the better.

I chose Pirate Looks At Forty not because I’m a huge Jimmy Buffett fan.  I mean he is okay, and I do listen to his music.  I was sitting here at my desk at work trying to figure out who I am.  Had a bad fight this past week-end with my husband, the details of which I think I’ll reserve for another blog post.  It did get me to thinking about who I am at 48 years of age, where I am at in my life, and how I view the fact that I’ll turn 49 next month.  This pirate is really looking at 50 and feeling a little glum.

I don’t have an issue with turning 50.  I’ve come to terms with aging.  What I have a problem with is that it seems like by now my husband and I would stop having stupid arguments.  I wish I would get along famously with my children.  Shouldn’t I have some handle on this thing called life?

Maybe hormones are making me melancholy.  I dunno.  I’ve been pretty darned happy the last few months, but suddenly I find myself not so much.  I do know I don’t like being sad.

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